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The Oslo Chamber of Commerce (OCC) -
a prospering organization
OCC is an independent service organization for the business community in the Oslo Area and is the largest of 15 private law chambers of commerce in Norway. We can offer the following services to our members and partners:
• Establishing business contacts
• Access to databases to help you find new business partners
• Preparing foreign business delegations
• Market surveys (BusinessLink)
• Deposit of source code for computer programs
• Expat Service Centre - International Network Norway INN
• Consultancy in import/ export/ customs issues
• Certification of export documents
• Issuing the customs document for temporary importation, the ATA Carnet
• Assistance in business conflict resolution through our Arbitration Institute
• Membership newsletter MERCUR
• Access to World Trade Center Norway
OCC is a sponsor to the 7th Worlds Chambers Congress, and we look forward to meet Chamber colleagues and friends from all over the world at the congress!

奥斯陆商会为奥斯陆地区工商业界提供服务的独立组织, 同时也是挪威15个私法商会中最大的一个。我们能为会员与合作伙伴提供以下服务:
 建立商务联系
 使用数据库帮助您寻求新的商业合作伙伴
 组织涉外商务代表团
 市场调查(商业链接)
 为电脑程序储存源代码
 外籍人士服务中心——挪威国际人士联络网
 进出口海关事宜咨询
 出口单据证明
 为临时进口发放海关文件,暂准通关证
 通过仲裁机构协助解决商业冲突
 会员资讯
 可进入挪威世界贸易中心

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